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For your brand development efforts to succeed in today’s dynamic, and fiercely competitive markets, it is crucial to understand the relationship between names and brands. BERKMAN defines brand, as the essential distinguishing characteristics that differentiate one company, product, or service from another company, product, or service. In a competitive marketplace, a nexus of brand attributes and associations, create a certain set of expectations – promises to be delivered on – in the hearts and minds of the company’s, or product’s various audiences. Successful brand-building, begins and ends with communication of that promise.

What constitutes a brand, is ultimately defined and supported by an organization’s leadership, and internal culture, by the quality of and benefits offered, by its products and services, and by how it responds to new or changing customer and marketplace needs. A meaningful brand provides a company with direction, and clarity of purpose, and offers customers, partners, employees, and the financial community a reason to prefer it to others.

BERKMAN assists their clients to clearly convey believable brand attributes, and relevant associations, in a language both verbal and visual, to signal what their company or product represents.


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