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Jeanne Rawdin


Jeanne (1) This is the year of the video.  Visual portrayals are the most effective vehicle to get the corporate message across quickly and concisely.  Corporate storytelling is essential in these times.  It’s critical for a company to frame its history and crystallize its identity and messaging as an effective tool to win over clients and raise public awareness and reaction.  And there is always a story to be told – whether it be a humanistic profile of a CEO, a compelling and straightforward explanation of a complicated scientific project, or the story of people affected by the newest healthcare device.  Each video can be used for website purposes, social media, and live presentations to identify the uniqueness of that company’s mission and objectives; and identify what sets it apart from its competitors.


Through professional storytelling, we can …


  • Tell the history and identity of how the organization began
  • Translate complicated scientific research into people-oriented storytelling so that clients buy in
  • Crystallize CEO/manager personalities and identities to the public or private sector to promote face-to-face connections
  • Schedule regular in-person presentations to potential client bases

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