Jack's PR Bootcamp

Finally, a full or half day PR Bootcamp has been created by the Guru of PR, Jack Berkman. Tired of wanting to know why your not-for-profit organization or highly successful firm can’t seem to get your story out, Berkman Strategic Communications has the ultimate workshop for you! CEO’s, marketing heads, development or new business executives looking to understand the huge benefits of properly executed PR programs the smart way, will greatly benefit from this experience.

The program will examine what Public Relations entails and how to create exceptional brand recognition in the marketplace. The workshop will also work to bring all participants to a deeper understanding of their own company’s strengths and learn how to continuously separate and elevate their brand. We will cover topics such as media relations, key messages, brand management, effectiveness of ambassadors, media training and maximizing content resources. The comprehensive workshop will require dedication, a strong-work ethic and a strong desire to succeed.

This all-day workshop (from 9am-5pm) will provide participants with the highest knowledge given by a recognizable voice in the PR industry. Our firm’s ability to access anyone, and communicate complex issues effectively, to fulfill the needs of our clients, is a combination of personal and professional traits, seasoned experience, and a track record of proven capabilities not found elsewhere.

The workshop may be sponsored by companies and foundations or paid for directly by the participant. The presentation is tailored for organizations in the non-profit, law, medical, real estate, financial services field and more. Special presentations will be open to the public.

We look forward to working with you!

For further questions please contact us at (619) 246-3404 or (619) 231-9977.