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MY formula recommendation is a three-part PR Plan including statement of the problem; immediate recommendations of action steps; long term action activities. I present the following modules:

  1. Module One is the Immersion and Analysis Module. I will evaluate and provide commentary on PR activities currently being conducted by client.
  2. Module Two includes Summary and Recommendations. I will present overview and offer top tier suggestions to now follow.
  3. Module Three includes Action Plans and Execution.

Each project will have a distinct timeline and designation of what will be done by me on behalf of the client. Each Module will be priced. The PWORKOUT is designed for a three module presentation, allowing for a specific approach to the opportunity.  The final module may take extended time depending on engagement acceptance and associated projects and will be billed.

During the time period of specific client acitivity, I will work exclusively for client and only be available to competitors at the conclusion of the module.

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