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“BERKMAN paid great attention to the nature of our brand and implemented a strategy to steadily address every goal. As a new business in San Diego, Jack and his team put in place a solid foundation of well placed opportunities for us to introduce ourselves to the community. If you are looking for a partner to craft a carefully targeted public relations campaign…Berkman Delivers!”

Richard Allum, Marketing Director

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria Restaurants

“I am honored to have worked with such talent, charismatic, and strongly connected man, such as Jack.  I love his heart because he truly cares about his clients and their reputation. He always knew how to make our team shine in the most perfect light. His dedication and ability to represent us in the best of the best magazines, news segments, radio segments, and getting our key members nominated as finalists for big award events has been priceless. Jack will always be a part of our team.”

Traci Billock, Vice President

The Patio

“I have known Jack Berkman for over 20 years both personally and professionally. He is an outstanding citizen of San Diego and knows his business better than anyone in the industry.  His company has added great value to our businesses.”

Jack McGrory

“I have worked with Jack on several projects over the course of the last 20 years. My contribution has usually been in the area of art direction. But, more importantly, I have observed Jack perform as an agile and knowledgeable practitioner of business communications. He gets it. That is, he gets the “big picture” – the comprehensive marketing, public relations and advertising needs of his clients, representing business sectors like major construction, real estate, various services, hospitality and civic affairs among many others. Jack has consistently brought his vast experience and keen insight to realize highly effective results from the campaigns under his direction. His energy, his willingness to entertain and execute innovative approaches and creative ideas plus his seemingly endless collection of key local contacts make for a consummate professional within his discipline. Jack has worked hard to create a stellar reputation in San Diego for having regularly delivered quality solutions to his clients’ needs.”

Jeff Blum

Freelance Creative Director

“At every turn we came to recognize the wonderful support and instrumental role you played in creating such a successful event – your work personally, the way your staff mobilized its efforts and the flawless work of the vendors you engaged. It was a pleasure to get to know you and work with you and your team, and appreciate all you did on our behalf. We are grateful, and look forward to working together more in the future.”
Dr. Steve Altman, President, Newschool of Architecture and Design
Newschool of Architecture and Design

Kurt L. Kicklighter, Managing Partner, Executive Committee Member
Luce Forward

“Jack brings a positive energy to the business of public relations. The whole BERKMAN team helped to eliminate the propaganda that had been swirling around our company during the past few years, turning it around immediately. BERKMAN kept our message to the city of San Diego focused. They were committed to keeping our ideas on point which was key to the success of the development and working with the business and community leaders of this city.”
Perry Dealy, President
Manchester Development

Steve Lash, President and CEO
Satori World Medical

“Jack is a dynamo. He’s well-known in this town and he uses his contacts and his energetic and creative staff to spread the word about this important new program. Jack and the team know how to stretch the budget and they’re very, very creative.”
Eddie Castoria, Executive Director
San Diego SAFE Mobile Callbox Program

“Hiring BERKMAN was a bold move for our company as we traditionally have not used public relations. However, our initial success in one region of our division convinced us that BERKMAN should take over public relations for all of Southern California and we could not be more pleased with that decision.”
Sam Borgese, President
Catalina Restaurant Group – Coco’s Bakery Restaurants & Carrows Restaurants

Andrew Corkill, Director of Marketing
Human Touch

“I want you to know that you really did a fantastic job with getting us on the cover of the San Diego Business Journal. Everyone is asking us how we could have possibly gotten on the cover and they want to know who our PR guy is. Of course we tell them BERKMAN. We had another PR person comment that it is really hard to get on the cover and when she found out that you were responsible, she said, ‘BERKMAN is really good.’ We said, ‘We know.’”
Keith McKenzie, Partner
Delphi Private Advisors

Alberto Cortes, Executive Director
Mama’s Kitchen



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