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BERKMAN is a strategic communications and public relations firm, that delivers high-value, results-driven marketing programs to clients across a variety of industries, and disciplines. BERKMAN helps clients effectively achieve their business goals and accelerate sales, by delivering one strategy, one plan and one strategic partner.

Our team of experts develop long-term dynamic partnerships with our clients, to work synergistically with them, to support their operational processes and impact key performance indicators like sales, consumer attitudes and profitability. We believe PR is not an end unto itself, but functions as a business development arm strategically aligned to achieve corporate goals, and invigorate business.

By anticipating client needs and assembling the right teams to execute campaigns, we continually exceed expectations and positively impact the bottom line. We are engaged and highly motivated, allowing us to effectively leverage the power of all communications channels (traditional and digital) to separate and elevate our clients, from their competition.

Jack M. Berkman
Jack M. BerkmanPresident and CEO
Dick Daniels
Dick DanielsSr. Strategic Partner
Rick Schloss
Rick SchlossSr. Strategic Partner


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